Who we are

The Metalchimica Group is a world leader in the design and production of plastic packaging; its aim is to meet the technical requirements and aesthetic requirements of its customers through innovative and environmentally friendly processes and materials.

It boasts a wide range of services and a series of unprecedented technologies and production solutions under the same roof. This makes Metalchimica the ideal partner to turn to for packaging concepts and thus save the time it would take to align throws with different suppliers.

Initially known as supplier of chemical and agrochemical industries, one of its first patents was a COEX double barrier container that keeps "aggressive" materials stable and pure. Metalchimica continued to design and produce successfully containers for the best brands in the cosmetic/personal care, pharmaceutical/medical sectors, food, military and household products.

Today Metalchimica continues to innovate, especially with regard to the environmental impact of its production. Currently, through the use of solar energy and cogeneration, 80% of the energy used by Metalchimica for production comes from renewable sources. In 2016 Metalchimica received the Horizon 2020 award for the development of 100% biodegradable plastic packaging.

Metalchimica is a family-run company based in Pineto, in Italy, and throughout the twenty-first century has always looked forward, taking care to design and produce plastic packaging solutions, innovative and environmentally friendly.