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    Fabrizio e Luca Sacchini


Metalchimica Group, founded in 1982 by Giovanni Sacchini, native of Pineto, and by his son Fabrizio, today represents excellence in the Italian production of plastic containers all over the world. From the outset Sacchini saw the possibility of growth and innovation in the field of plastic containers and noted that all types of substances from the agrochemical/phyto-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical sectors to the cosmetic and food sectors, were stored and transported in plastic containers. The Sacchini sensed that their customers needed high quality packaging and technologically advanced.

They began to concentrate all their efforts to provide their customers design and production services that satisfied high standards of usability and aesthetic appearance. The Sacchini family sees many opportunities for innovation and, over the years, the company Metalchimica has always been at the forefront of production of plastic containers. In fact, it has always tried to optimize its production processes and to develop innovative solutions to ensure safe containers for "aggressive" materials and offer completely biodegradable plastic packaging. Among the solutions that Metalchimica has developed, there are: A patented double barrier container that keeps "aggressive" substances and solvents stable and pure; A patented antimicrobial coating that prevents bacterial, fungal and viral contamination; The first and only 100% biodegradable plastic packaging solution.

Graduated as a mechanical engineer at the University of Bologna, Giovanni Sacchini continued his career in the United States where, despite his brilliant professional success, he suffered greatly from the lack of family, of friends and the Abruzzo landscape; the skyscrapers of Manhattan could not compete with the majestic mountains and crystal clear seas. So, Giovanni Sacchini returned to Pineto with the intention of creating a manufacturing business that provided sustenance for his family and fellow citizens. Starting with only one injection machine COMES 300 in a small warehouse, Metalchimica’s first product was a plastic container for a local household goods company but within three years, the company entered into a contract with a national manufacturer of cosmetics / home products that allowed Metalchimica to expand its plant and start continuous production cycle. In 1993 Metalchimica registered a worldwide patent for double barrier containers, which has become the basis of its COEX container. This innovation has enabled to safely store and ship liquids and "aggressive" products as fertilizers and chemical solvents. With this innovation, Metalchimica has expanded its worldwide sales, and has been recognized as a leading company in the agrochemical market. With customers all over the world, Metalchimica has developed a multicultural employment approach, based on the conviction that excellence in the market depends on people. Metalchimica, in fact, invests in the training of its employees at all levels and, through this commitment, the company has cultivated a workforce dedicated to the quality of customer service and prepared for continuous innovation of production processes. Currently the sons manage Metalchimica Group and Fabrizio Sacchini is the president. Luca Sacchini manages the sales team. Under the family leadership, Metalchimica continues its tradition of design and production of innovative plastics, supporting their local and world communities. Metalchimica is committed to making its products environmentally friendly globally through a considerable investment in solar panels, and in energy cogeneration at its production plant, Metalchimica is currently able to cover 80% of its energy needs with renewable energy sources. In addition, Metalchimica produced the first and only 100% biodegradable plastic packaging. Metalchimica looks to the future and is firmly convinced to continue the production of innovative and high quality plastic containers. To support continuous progress and innovation, Fabrizio and Luca Sacchini created PACK INNOVATION and, through this branch, Metalchimica collaborates with important Italian and international laboratories and academic institutions in order to develop new and improved approaches for the design and production of plastic containers.